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Raising chickens is egg-sighting! With a small investment, families in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and India can raise chickens for eggs, meat, manure, and to earn enough income to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, and school fees!


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Clean Up After a Disaster
When people who are elderly, disabled, or under-insured experience a disaster, they need help to repair or rebuild their homes and lives. Offer a homeowner volunteer labor, cleaning supplies, mold removal, and more so they can return to a safe, dry, functional home


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Community Entry Kit
Expand World Renew's work to new communities in Mozambique or Laos to help end hunger, poverty, and injustice! Provide a community entry workshop and follow up as group members discover their God-given resources, envision their future, and complete and implement a plan to make it so.


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Community Gender Champion
Help families in Kenya and Uganda build better relationships by training a gender champion to teach couples mutual respect, shared decision making, and a fair workload. Healthy communication between partners, children, and extended family provides the stability families need to improve their lives.


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To a farmer in Bangladesh, Cambodia, or India, a cow is like a savings account: as the cow grows, so does their value. In fact, the English word "cattle" is very old and it means "income" or "property." Help a farmer moo-ve into raising cattle and save money with your purchase of a cow!


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Drip Irrigation System
Reduce the risk of crop failure by providing a farmer with access to water for their crops. By giving a farmer in Cambodia or Kenya a drip irrigation system, you provide the materials and training needed to lay, repair, and maintain a watering system that will last through the growing seasons ahead


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A Khaki Campbell duck has to get up at the "quack" of dawn to lay 300 eggs a year! Families that raise ducks in Bangladesh, Cambodia, or India can eat more protein, use duck droppings as fertilizer to grow nutritious vegetables, and begin to save some of the money they earn in a community bank.


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Empowerment Training for At-Risk Youth
Grinding poverty creates barriers that limit people's opportunities -- and their thinking. Help 1 at-risk youth in Tanzania start to see the possibilities in his or her life, and the future, with this gift of training in empowerment, leadership, group dynamics, and compassion in a community transformation workshop.


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Family-sized Water Filter
In communities without safe drinking water, women and children can spend hours gathering and toting water from streams or wells. A family-sized water filter in Nicaragua provides in-home access to clean drinking water, making a life-changing impact on the health of the family, especially young children.


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Farm Team
This joyful bunch includes one of each animal and bird in this catalog. That's 1 goat, 1 pig, 1 cow, 1 duck, and 1 chicken that will provide struggling families around the world with more food, milk, eggs, and income to feed and support themselves as they work to leave poverty behind.


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