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Bestseller Bundle

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The Gift of a Bestseller Bundle

World Renew and its Christian partners work together in developing communities to bring renewal in integrated ways that reflect God’s shalom—the flourishing of every aspect of people’s lives and of creation.

When World Renew helps struggling small-scale farmers purchase an animal, lives are improved. World Renew works to ensure that children receive the proper nutrition and care they need to flourish. World Renew also makes available a nutrition kit for children. It includes soybeans to make soymilk, vitamins, and medicine to stop parasites. In Nigeria, World Renew assists disabled people who are unable to walk. They experience social isolation and lack of employment opportunities.

World Renew prioritizes areas where community development support is most needed—by training farmers in conservation agriculture practices, distributing helpful farming tools, providing literacy classes, empowering young people with critical and analytical skills to prepare them to bring transformation to their communities, or teaching people about safe migration practices in areas of the world where the threat and dangers of human trafficking exist.

Thank you for giving the best seller bundle! God’s love, compassion, and generosity are revealed through your generous gift.

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