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Beekeeper Training

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The Gift of Beekeeper Training

Thriving honeybees and hives are an indication of an area’s environmental health and wellbeing. Farmers who have been trained in beekeeping also play a crucial role in pollination. As they learn about hive health, pollination, harvesting, preserving honey, and small business start up, they steward God’s good creation of bees and nature, and contribute to the welfare of their families and communities.

When a beekeeping pilot project was established in 27-year-old Danny Dario Zelaya’s Honduran community, he joined up. The project’s goal was to determine whether the community would be willing and able to engage in beekeeping on a large scale as a business activity. A bee yard was started by one of World Renew’s efforts in the community, a village savings and loan association.

Then Danny participated in training sponsored byWorld Renew’s partner. He received a certificate in basic beehive management. Later, he took further training and obtained a certificate in hive cleaning and sterilization. With the knowledge and confidence these trainings gave him, Danny set up his own beeyard by building wooden boxes and trapping swarms of wild bees.Danny has bright hopes for the future. He said, “My goal is to have 20 hives by next year and to establish myself as a commercial beekeeper. I no longer think about migrating to another country [to find work]. I hope that selling honey is profitable enough for me to live in better conditions here.

”Thank you for your gift of beekeeper training for farmers like Danny! Your gift is a reflection of God’s love for the world. God longs to see people, who He has “crowned with glory and honor” (Psalm 8:5), flourish physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And He desires that His creation thrives and prospers.

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