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The Gift of a Beehive

Honeybees play a vital role in the welfare of communities. The tiny creatures perform a big job by pollinating crops and producing honey to eat. Thriving honeybees and hives are an indication of an area’s environmental health and wellbeing. Your gift of a beehive gives small-scale farmers the chance to start a business and increase their income by raising bees, harvesting and selling honey, and contributing to neighboring farms through pollination. Farmers who have been trained in beekeeping steward God’s good creation of bees and nature to the benefit of their families and communities.

In East Africa, World Renew and a local partner group are training farmers in beekeeping and getting them started in business with a small loan to purchase beehives. Patrick is a young man who has benefitted from the program. Along with others, he received beehives to begin his business. Then to ensure the continuity of the project, he was trained in the care and maintenance of the hives. He also learned about modern beekeeping management to enhance honey production and processing. Taking care of the bees—tiny, yet momentous workers!—is enhancing Patrick’s health and wellbeing.

Thank you for your gift of a beehive to farmers like Patrick! Your gift reflects the love of God Who cares for all His children and creation, and provides the means for each to thrive.

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