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Baby Kit

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The Gift of a Baby Kit

Monitoring the growth of infants and children, from birth to five years old, is crucial to ensuring their future well-being. When closely checked during early childhood, children’s developmental delays and problems are more easily detected and corrective measures can be implemented in a timely manner. This increases the chances of healthy development, both physically and mentally.

A baby kit can make significant positive contributions to the health of children who live in poverty. Although many mothers in rural Kenya access health care clinics to ensure their infants receive immunizations up to the age of three months, the difficulty of carrying their children for long distances to reach a clinic and insufficient funds for traveling keep mothers from having their children’s developmental milestones checked by medical personnel. The use of a baby kit ensures that children can get the medical attention they need in their home. As World Renew’s trained volunteers interact with mothers, they communicate important information about child health, nutrition, and growth.

Thank you for your gift of a baby kit! God loves little children and wants them to thrive. Your gift reflects His mercy and desire to bring shalom, wellbeing throughout the world.

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