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Agriculture Training

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The Gift of Agricultural Training

Poverty and food-insecurity shape the lives of many subsistence farmers and their families in eastern Uganda. Without proper nutrition and adequate income, families struggle to remain healthy, buy seeds for planting, maintain their land, and have the money they need to pay fees for their children’s schooling. Hunger, lack of education, and a sense of hopelessness can result.

Sam and Angela Etukoit, farmers in eastern Uganda, knew how challenging life could be. But they didn’t give up! When they heard about farmer training offered by World Renew, they eagerly decided to participate. Sam and Angela desired to provide well for their eight children and themselves. They also wanted to discredit a detrimental worldview shared by local people that their poverty was caused by a curse.

After receiving the training, Sam and Angela planted tomatoes on a 50 square-foot plot of land using the conservation agriculture practices they learned They were delighted to earn $100.00 from their tomato harvest—a remarkable outcome that would have been much more difficult to achieve using traditional farming practices on a much larger plot of land.

Thank you for your gift of agriculture or farmer training for farmers like Sam and Angela. Your gift reflects the tender care of God. He wants His children to be fed, to flourish, and to take good care of His creation.

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