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Abuse Prevention - Train a Church Leader

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The Gift of Abuse Prevention Training

Marriage can be challenging. In Mali, arranged marriages are still the norm for many couples, a practice that can add a level of tension and difficulty between husbands and wives. In this cultural context, World Renew and its partners offer a church-based course led by a trained church leader who addresses domestic violence and helps couples and families develop healthier ways of relating.

A woman who attended said, “In my family there was no communication between me and my husband and children, but after the training we changed our behavior and now we talk and pray together. Before, my husband spent his salary as he wished and told me nothing about it, but after attending the trainings together, my husband brings all of his salary home, and we follow a family budget together. That’s why I thank God for this change in my home.”

Thank you for your gift of abuse prevention training through facilitation or a workbook! Marriage is a gift from God that reflects His love for His bride, the Church. Your gift is helping to transform marriages so they become the beautiful relationships that God intends them to be.

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